CEO receiving an award from the Minister

Biogas commissioning

Chitsungo hospital biogas handover

Donating PPEs to Hurungwe

The Vadoma boys

CSR to the disadvantaged in Kanyemba

Binga Area Manager Holding Trophy

Chiefs with soccer winners

From left Chief Sinamwenda, Siamupa, Mola, Nebire Rep, Negande & Musambakaruma with netball winners

Prizes for sports winners

CEO chatting to Chief Sinansengwe

Beekeeping in Kanyemba

Chief Siabuwa addressing at a sports gala

Tree planting in Binga

Beekeeping training in Hurungwe

Beekeeping farmer

CF farmer with Hurungwe area manager

Solar water system at Tashinga garden

Fire fighting equipment in Hurungwe

CEO handing over fire fighting equipment to mash west provincial minister

Smile Sorghum Demo Plot in Binga
Year: 2021

Cow Peas Demo Plot in Mbire
Year: 2021

Land slides in Mbire due to climate change
Year: 2021

Sorghum Demo Plot Mbire
Year: 2021