Further REVIEW OF kariba REDD+

It is very coincidental that I uploaded my review of the Kariba REDD+ Project to the Carbon Green Africa blog page and I am then quoted in yet another press article. I too have been contacted by journalists who have written extensively in the negative on the project, asking the same questions, now with their attention on other companies and titles, clearly trying to relate the pieces of numerous non related information together to portray further negatives to the individuals and companies involved. All still to the detriment of the project and it’s beneficiaries.

For clarity, all Carbon Projects technical activities that are required for generation of future credits have been paused in line with governments directive. The ongoing monitoring and community activities remain, being supported so as to fulfil our mandate.

We unfortunately have no control over any third-party information released. Any confusion or misconstrued information that is released, is regretted and would ask that any queries are directed to info@carbongreeninv.net . Contribution to Nation Building

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