Conservation Farming

Climate Smart Agriculture (Conservation Farming – CF) has continued to be implemented successfully from project start to date.  At project start, the main crop was maize but have since introduced other crops such as sorghum, and millet.  Initially training was target at only 3 wards per district but now all wards are included in the trainings and education on CF farming. This has seen a considerable number of beneficiaries across the project areas. To date over 1500 members of the communities are direct beneficiaries of the CF program. Each ward has a demonstration plot where lead farmers gather members of the communities and train them on composite making, land preparation, mulching, pest management and harvesting procedures. This has helped communities concentrate on small pieces of land and still reap good results even during times of less rainfall. This has helped with food sustenance at household level. Most farmers have actually sold excess crops thereby getting some financial income. 

Training on compost

Please, see Map 1 below with distribution of beneficiaries of conservation farming activities implemented per ward.

Map 1. Distribution of beneficiaries of conservation farming activities implemented per ward