Community Fund

The Kariba REDD+ project has a funds distribution system of the sales income realised  from Carbon Credits sales. It is quite critical to understand that this project aims to assist communities derive benefits from the preservation of their forests which generate carbon credits for them. So the most critical party to this project are the communities themselves who need to realise tangible benefits. The project is being undertaken on communal land  and as such it is imperative that the people within these communities have their lives enriched by the project. 

With the foregoing, direct revenue streams generated from sale of VERs of this project are directed to benefit the respective communities. CGA believes that community funds distribution is the most important component  and we feel those interested in the Kariba REDD+ project will be attracted to this community up-liftment aspect of the project. The community fund is used towards the provision and upgrading of health care facilities, schools, water, infrastructure, education,  income generating projects such as beekeeping, nutrition gardens, climate smart agriculture (CF) etc etc. 

Enriching the lives of these communities will in turn have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. It is the communities who drive the success of this Project and therefore enriching their lives in a manner that has positive impacts on the environment is essential. A better-educated, healthier community will most likely lead to a better-preserved environment. Such aspects are clearly strongly correlated.

Community Fund Board Members

  • These comprise of Carbon Green Africa Trust members, who are accountable for the distribution of funds from revenues received, in conjunction with selected members of the Community and Council from each Rural District Council. Oversight is given by CGI to ensure all CCBS criteria are met and funds are reaching their required targets.