Community Fund

MIn addition to the community focused Project Activities of which the Project is almost entirely based around, a large proportion (>20%)of the direct revenue streams generated from the sale of the VERs of this Project will be directed to benefit at least 50% of the poorest quartile of the populations. This will entail direct, tangible benefits that impact the lives of the poorer echelons of the communities in a significant manner. The Project is being undertaken on Communal Lands and as such it is imperative the people within these communities have their lives enriched by the Project. The Project proponents feel that this aspect of the revenue distribution is the most important of them all and indeed we feel that those interested in Kariba REDD+ Project will be attracted to this community up-lifting facet of the Project.

FEnriching the lives of these communities will no doubt in turn have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. As has been clear from inception of the Project, it is the communities who will drive the success of this Project and enriching their lives in a manner that has positive impacts on the environment is essential. A better-educated, healthier community will most likely lead to a better-preserved environment. Such aspects are clearly strongly correlated.
Hence education and health care will be the core focus of the Community Fund. There will of course be many other aspects that the Community Fund will be directed at, however at this stage education and health care will be the focus.

Community Fund Board Members

  • Will comprise of Carbon Green Africa Trust members, who are accountable for the distribution of funds from revenues received, in conjunction with selected members of the Community and Council from each Rural District Council. Oversight will be given by CGI to ensure all CCBS criteria are met and funds are reaching their required targets.

Education Improvement Proposal

  • Targeted schools to have required improvements made, and basic amenities bought up to an acceptable standard. For example; roofing, desks, windows, stationary, books etc. Assist with construction of new buildings where applicable.
  • Climate Change and Environment Conservation topics will be added to the curriculum and careers within the sector/Project will be encouraged after leaving school.
Healthcare Improvement Proposal
  • Targeted clinics to have required improvements made and basic amenities such as water availability where applicable.