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The recent headline “Carbon Offset Market in Chaos as African Mega Project Collapses.” misrepresents the facts, while we embrace the spotlight, the suggestion of the downfall of what is touted as “the world’s second-largest project” is indicative of the persistent attempts to undermine our endeavour’s and eager to cast us as the fall guy.

We too acknowledge the press release issued by South Pole and are surprised by the remarks of their spokesperson. Our understanding was that the termination of our collaboration was mutually agreed upon. As posted on our website on October 19th, when the mutual termination agreement was executed.

From the start of this media onslaught, Carbon Green has been consistently cast as the fall guy. The initially disclosed financial data, coupled with the subsequent spread of erroneous figures, left us in a difficult position, which compelled us to try and rectify these inconsistencies, which gave an illusion of misappropriated funds.

Local management has always been at the helm of daily operations and project execution; thus, concluding agreements is a matter of course. Carbon Green has built these projects over 12 years, amidst much sterner challenges. The Kariba REDD project and the Chirisa REDD project will proceed without question, adhering to Zimbabwe’s laws and VERRA’s standards.

Our integrity and a decade-long history of success are only questioned now due to scrutiny of previously associated entities. Carbon Green will continue, drawing on unmatched local expertise, hands-on industry experience, and a resolute passion for showcasing our flagship endeavours. Projects we proudly uphold and commit to serve with the honour and diligence they warrant.

We too aim to underscore VERRA’s stature as a leading authority in the Voluntary Carbon Market, highlighting their integrity to ensure that the stated outputs are transparent and correct, by their willingness to work together for the ultimate goal of mitigating climate change.

Accusations of misappropriated funds are speculative at best. Disclosed financial information permitted, is more than adequate to disprove any allegations of malfeasance. Unfortunately, some privy to this ample evidence have chosen to remain silent or have claimed a lack of complete disclosure. The facts speak for themselves to those with less cynicism.

We are grappling with the fallout from twisted truths, out-of-context quotes, and a pervasive misunderstanding of the nuances involved. Our local communities are suffering the most from these distortions, which is an injustice in itself. To date, none of the detractors have offered alternative solutions or reparations to those adversely affected by these misconceptions, perpetrated by the very voices who profess to advocate for them. Nevertheless, we remain undeterred. Our projects continue to thrive, powered by these very communities.

Despite the hurdles, our committed team looks forward to the next decade. We’re excited to continue our engagement directly with stakeholders and authorities, providing insights into our operations, the personalities involved, and the continued success we achieve. While evolving into a unique Living Landscape which guarantees ecological sustainability.

Carbon Green wishes to set the record straight with the following facts:

The Kariba REDD+ Project is diligently aligning with the latest regulatory frameworks established by the Zimbabwean government. Our team is in direct communication with the relevant ministries to ensure our operations and registrations are fully compliant with new legislation. Carbon Green remains steadfast in honoring our commitment to the projects, maintaining respect and integrity for all legitimate beneficiaries, regulatory authorities, and ourselves.

We did attempt to rectify misinterpreted statements. It is disappointing to note that while journalists have shown considerable zeal for minute details, they have not exercised the same rigor in ensuring factual correctness. Information gleaned from conversations, not interviews, which carry context and detail, had comments cherry picked to portray events and create an image suitable to a storyline. No consent was given to disseminate information amongst peers as there would be no understanding of the context during such conversations.

References to individuals and other entities seem designed to cast aspersions, ostensibly to support unfounded charges of impropriety and misrepresentation. Clarifications were provided to the fact-checking teams of the involved publications, which went unamended. We have choosen not to amplify the authors’ notoriety through direct confrontation.

Past negative perceptions associated with our nation not only deterred potential clients from engaging, but also affected our financial transactions. This said, Carbon Green has never partaken in any unlawful activities, and any suggestions to the contrary are categorically denied, lacking in context or substantiation.

The claims made by an individual in one report stem from personal discontent, due to their unmet commitments ending in legal proceedings. It is crucial to state that these legal proceedings did not involve Carbon Green, the Kariba REDD Project or the Chirisa REDD Project.

We categorically state that no entities involved in trophy hunting have any claim to carbon revenues. Thus, the assertion that a leaseholder has not received revenue is accurate, as they do not possess carbon rights as their operations are trophy hunting. The other unnamed claimant should direct their claim to the appropriate authority, who receives this revenue when there is no leaseholder in place.

We would like to commend our government on establishing the statutory instrument and providing regulatory framework for all carbon projects to be guided by going forward. Carbon Green have provided the requisite information to comply with this regulation. Operating without a guiding framework from Government had its difficulties in the past. As such it is naïve to assume that the termination of previous agreements with South Pole will see our project collapse. Government’s new regulations will strengthen operations of the Kariba REDD + project and the Chirisa REDD+ Project and provide opportunities for other Zimbabwean projects as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe ‘s motto states. “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” Zimbabwe is built by Zimbabweans”.

It is with deep regret that we find ourselves compelled to correct persistent inaccuracies that have tarnished our reputation. Any statements not founded in truth would only serve to exacerbate our current predicament.

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