Carbon Credits: How they work

Market Volume (MtCO2e*)

Man-made global warming threatens the basis of life, foremost it is threatening the poorest countries, and increasingly it threatens the standard of living in the industrialized world. Market based mechanisms are a strong and proven tool, beyond energy efficiency and savings, for the fight against climate change.

For every ton of avoided greenhouse gas emissions, achieved by e.g reducing deforestation and degradation, the project owner is receiving carbon credits which can be sold to companies and institutions with a voluntary or compliance carbon reduction strategy. For the most part, in Zimbabwe we are going to be focusing on the Voluntary Market.

Global Carbon Transactions in the Voluntary Market

Our associate partners South Pole whom are providing the technical expertise to the projects in Zimbabwe are world leaders in carbon management. Incorporated in 2006 they have 10 offices worldwide with over 75 carbon professionals employed.

  • First CER cancellation worldwide to offset emissions
  • Largest portfolio worldwide of Gold Standard Certified Emission Reductions (CER) projects
  • World leader in issued Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (GS VERs)
  • Named “Best Project Developer” (Environmental Finance Voluntary Carbon Markets Survey 2011 and 2012)
  • First company worldwide who generated and brought to the market CERs with the Gold Standard quality label
  • Registered first VCS forest carbon project using almost exclusively native species
  • One of the world leaders in Programmes of Activities (POAs), the second generation type of carbon project
  • In-house development of cutting edge software solutions to manage carbon projects, consultancies and information exchange